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Champion Gfeller’s Sir Lancelot

Champion Gfeller’s Sir Lancelot gives me a kiss after doing a great job!

Gfeller Bulldogs raise and show English and French Bulldogs.

Our dogs have received champion awards in the show circuit and are our inspiration for our online store.

We have two Champion Bulldogs and two Champion Frenchies. We raise puppies on occasion.

I have loved dogs all my life. I started out 25 years ago raising Boxer’s. I was then invited to a dog show and my life was changed when I saw my first English Bulldog . I purchased my first English Bulldog from Mr. Hammond. Champion Hammond’s Jackson , Jackie, was my stud dog and produced  beautiful puppies. He was my first Champion and was shown and  finished by Lonnie and Laura Stoffer.

Champion Hammond's Jackson
Champion Hammonds Jackson

Jackson was my first Champion Bulldog. He won the Sweepstakes at the Heart of America Bulldog Club.

He was my first bulldog purchased from Mr. Hammond in Oklahoma.

Sir Lancelot
Champion Gfellers Sir Lancelot
Champion Hammonds Jackson sired Champion Gfeller's Sir Lancelot.
Twin Lakes Adorable Rider
Twin Lakes Adorable Rider
While attending a show I saw my first Frenchie and fell in LOVE with those little frog dog’s. My first Champion Twin Lakes Adorable Rider , aka, Dorrie was shown and finished by Lonnie and Laura Stoffer.

Twin Lakes Adorable Rider (aka Dorrie) is our Foundation bitch.
Pierre Pikachu
Gfeller’s Pierre Pikachu
Dorianne D'McKee
Dorianene D'Mckee
Gfeller’s Pierre Pikachu and Dorianene D. Mckee (aka De De) have had two litters and the puppies have been beautiful as has been their linage.
My Cheri Amour
My Cheri Amour
Veronique Marsie
Veronique Marsie
Niel Pierre
Niel Pierre

Hammonds Jackson and Twin Lakes Adorable Rider
These were my first two Champions and purchased 6 months apart. I lost both of them last year at 10 and 10 ½ years of age 10 days apart.

They loved to lay next to the computer when I worked.

Champion Hammonds Jackson is the sire of Gfeller’s Sir Lancelot, our home bred Champion. Champion Twin Lakes Adorable Rider is the Dam to Gfeller’s Pierre Pikachu, our first home bred Champion.

These two bulldogs changed my life forever.


I belong to the Bulldog Club of America, Heart of America Bulldog Club, the French Bulldog Club of America.

If you are interested in the English or French Bulldogs as a pet, educate yourself on the breed by visiting these wonderful websites:
When purchasing a puppy make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill. Visit a dog show near you and see your favorite breed and meet some of the breeders.

Remember, “ A part of your soul remains untouched until you have loved an animal”.